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We Will Help You To Learn Easily With The Guidance Of A Professional Teacher

Tech Gurus, headquartered in Hyderabad, serves as a prominent training and consulting center specializing in corporate training, particularly focused on ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Mulesoft. Our team comprises highly skilled trainers with extensive real-world experience, dedicated to designing programs that empower students to secure their desired positions, irrespective of their educational backgrounds. We prioritize building a robust skill foundation and delivering intensive training in the realms of ServiceNow (All Modules), Salesforce, and Mulesoft.


Our proven course curriculum, coupled with the quality of our rigorous training, practical sessions, and interview support, has led to a commendable success rate for our institution. We consistently update our courses to align with the latest technologies, covering aspects such as testing, development, and deployment comprehensively. Additionally, we offer valuable references, refine interview skills, and provide ongoing support during and after training, ensuring our students reach the positions they truly deserve.

Transformation is the ultimate outcome of genuine learning facilitated by Tech Gurus

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